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Home Tuition in Singapore

What is the most Effective Way to Excel Academically?

home tuition In Singapore, children’s academic progress and results can be regarded as the top priority of every parent.

Recent years, it is evident that home tuition becomes vital and plays an important role in helping most of the students to cope with the current fast paced and competitive learning environment in Singapore.

As a matter of fact, nowadays, parents are packed with hectic schedules. Similarly, due to the differences in generation and methodology used, parents also find it hard to supervise and teach their children by themselves.

Hence, with the professional guidance of a qualified and experience private tutor, not only a student’s learning progress is well-monitored, the student’s understanding can be fulfilled, this leads to better recognition of what were initially taught in school. Tuition teacher who specializes in that subject can prepare your kid to be better equipped to handle class work and exams

With this intention, Awesome Home Tuition offers a pair of warm and helping hands to ALL Singapore parents out there.
As the number of tuition agencies is growing at mushrooming rate, Awesome Home Tuition strives to stand out in the crowd.

Home Tuition does make a difference in studies!

Jasmine is a caring tuition teacher, confident, concise and passion. With her 1 to 1 supervise, my girl managed to score higher in examination. Glad to have her to teach my daughter and thanks for recommendation!
Linda, from 20 Queen’s Close
Thank you for the excellent coordination. Your service really made me feel at ease. Furthermore, the my child likes the tutor. I’ll definitely look for you again if I require another tutor for other subjects.
Mrs Quah , from Clementi

Why should you consider Awesome Home Tuition?

  • Our company has a large pool of passionate, experience and committed home tutors.
  • Our tutors are equipped with 3 “A” to assist your kids in obtaining more “ACES” in their exams:private tuition
  • Aspiring– our tutors are aspired to improve on tutees’ academic results and achieve better bands.
  • Accommodating – our tutors are eager to help the tutees and able to accommodate tutees’ preferred timings and days for the tuitions.
  • Accountable – home tutors are responsible and answerable towards tutees’ academic progress and difficulties.
  • As such, Awesome Home Tuition is able to give an assurance that only qualified tuition teachers are engaged. This further ensures that all parents’ investments on their children’s future shaping process are worth.
  • You can select your preferred timing and location for your kid’s private tuition. Learning with the right tutor in spite of busy timetable.
  • Additionally, all parents are allowed to initiate a phone interview session with selected tutors before confirmation of engagement. In any event, there will be no obligation to replace a tutor after the first lesson upon dissatisfaction.
  • Without a doubt, our patient, polite and proficient full-time tuition coordinators offer you great services with good communication skills and prompt arrangements.
  • What is the fee incurred in matching a tutor? No Agent Fee incurred!

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Qualification Lower Primary Upper Primary Secondary Junior College
A Level/Diploma $20 – $25/hr $25/hr $25 – $35/hr $35 – $45/hr
Undergraduate $20 – $25/hr $25/hr $30 – $35/hr $40 – $50/hr
Degree Holder $30 – $35/hr $30 – $35/hr $30 – $50/hr $55 – $60/hr
MOE Trainee/Teacher $45 – $50/hr $45 – $50/hr $50 – $80/hr $80 – $120/hr

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Dear Aishah & the Awesome Team, Thank you for introducing me 3 great tutors for my daughter. The tutors : 1. Ms. Joy Tan – English Creative Writing tutor, 2. Ms. Qixin – Chinese Creative Writing tutor, 3. Ms. Chang – Maths tutor (just started today) My girl likes the 3 of them and enjoys the lessons with them.
Mrs Linda