The General Certificate Education (GCE) ‘A’ (Advanced) Levels Examination is an examination taken my all Junior College students at the end of their second year. It is an assessment to determine which University and course they would be entering into.

2 years is an extremely short period of time to study for the ‘A’ levels examination. Therefore, it is important to stay on track the entire time. If you feel that you’re unable to catch up with what’s being taught in school or if you’re struggling in certain subjects, then please find a remedy before it is too late. Your ‘A’ level results will also determine the path that you would most likely take in the future as well as your career.

Once you feel that you are lagging behind in your studies, it is time to seek some help. Perhaps you’re not the type who is interested in after school tuition. However, take into consideration your future. If you’re worried and concerned about it, Awesome Home Tuitionwants to help you! Why us?

Firstly, our tutors have the capability of keeping you on the right path when you feel like you can’t keep up in your studies. Secondly, some of our tutors are from Junior College themselves. Thus, they would already have a rough idea on what are the key concepts. Thirdly, they are reliable and committed to provide you with the knowledge that you desire.

We truly believe that home tuition can make a difference in your results. The key to it all is not to wait till the very last minute when you realise that you’re unable to keep up, but to start early and have a smooth learning journey throughout.

Remember, your future solely depends on you, so take the necessary action to ensure that you succeed in your ‘A’ levels examination!

Testimonial from Darren Goh

Honestly, I’m not the kind that likes to study after school. I tend to play some sports or hang out with my friends. After receiving my first examination results in JC 1, I realised that if I were to continue like that, I won’t be able to get into the University and course of my choice. I contacted Awesome Home Tuition for help in Economics and when I realised that I was improving, I seek help for other subjects too. Without the agency, I wouldn’t even be able to get pass my first year in JC, so from the bottom of my heart, Thank you.