A Brief History of Our Company

Awesome Home Tuition Awesome Home Tuition logowas formed in 2009. The tuition agency offers home tuition for Pre-School students all the way to JC and Polytechnic students. The mission of the Awesome Home Tuition is to help students to excel in their studies. The tuition agency first started out with only 20 tutors. However, within a space of 2 years, it has grown to accommodate 5000 home tutors.

The founders felt a strong urge to create this tuition agency because of three main reasons.

Firstly, everyone knows how stressful studying can be in Singapore. Sometimes school teachers do not have time for each and every student in the class. Therefore, students might still have their questions left unanswered after the class. With the help of a home tutor, they can benefit from it by having their doubts cleared. This would enable them to perform better in their studies.

Secondly, at Awesome Home Tuition, we understand the problems faced with tutors from other agencies. There are many complains that tutors always arrive late for class, cancel class at the last minute and so on. We do our best to filter out all the tutors that have received negative feedbacks. We only want the best home tutors to help students excel in studies and therefore we always get feedbacks from our students. By having a reliable home tutor, it can really make a huge difference in a student’s studies. That is the ultimate goal of our tuition agency.

Thirdly, Awesome Home Tuition understands the importance of the role of the coordinators. We realise that many agencies engage part-timers as coordinators. Furthermore, these agencies do not offer proper training for their coordinators. Therefore, some coordinators do not always select a suitable tutor that meets the customer’s criteria. Such arrangements aren’t effective as not all requirements of the customer are met. At Awesome Home Tuition, our coordinators are full-timers and are given the proper training. Thus, they are able to understand the customer’s needs and satisfy those needs by choosing a suitable tutor. This helps to reduce the number of parents giving up on tuition.

Who is Awesome Home Tuition?

Hometuitionagency.com.sg is a tuition agency website brought to you by

  • ChunKay, Founder
  • ChinHong, Marketing Director
  • A team of full time tuition coordinators
  • A pool of reliable, part-time tutors, full-time tutors, NIE Trainees, MOE school teacher.

What is Awesome Home Tuition?

In short, we are a home tuition agency in Singapore.

  • Offering home tuition for various age groups such as pre-school, primary, secondary, junior college and polytechnic students
  • Referring tuition assignments to reliable home tutors to enhance their capabilities
  • Helping private schools and tuition centres to find good tutors.

What do parents say about Awesome Home Tuition?

Thank you Awesome Home Tuition Agency for referring to me a reliable and knowledgeable tutor. I have been changing 4 to 5 tutors before I discovered your agency. Many tutors that I’ve previously hired were unreliable. They were either never on time or they gave up halfway. I was in distress as all I wanted was to help my child improve in their studies. I never thought that it would be such a hassle just to find a suitable tutor. Thankfully, I found Awesome Home Tuition Agency and my child has been with the same tutor ever since. I would like to sincerely thank the agency and the friendly coordinators for helping to get a responsible tutor for my child!

What do tutors say about Awesome Home Tuition?

Before I became a tutor of Awesome Home Tuition Agency, I had very few assignments. I hopped around various agencies trying to get more assignments. I had to ask friends and relatives if they knew of anyone keen on having tuition. Once I joined this agency, I have countless amounts of assignments. If I wasn’t able to commit to any, there will still be many more waiting. I didn’t have to ask my friends and relatives for referrals anymore. With the help of the agency, my schedule is now packed with students! Thank you Awesome Home Tuition for your help!