The Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) is conducted by the Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore. It’s usually held around September or October every year for international students keen in joining our local Primary and Secondary schools in January the following year.

This is the perfect opportunity to get your child adapted to the education system in Singapore. The exercise focuses on 2 main subjects, English and Mathematics. It is crucial for your child to do well in the tests to secure a seat in a good local school. Without proper guidance, your child might not know what to expect in this exercise as standards may vary in different countries.

At Home Tuition Agency, we provide tutors who specialise in English and Mathematics to help your child meet with our local standards. We cater to both Primary and Secondary international students. Furthermore, all our tutors have been through the local school system. Therefore, they would know what it’s like and what to expect as well. Also, they will be more than willing to share their experiences with your child.

Mr Yuen, from China

Our English is not very good like in Singapore. We had a hard time adjusting and teaching my son, so we had to find help. Awesome Home Tuition helped my son to do well in the exercise, so that he could get into a school. My son still continues with the home tuition and he enjoys it, so thank you for helping us. Awesome coordinator!

We sincerely recommend you to take up a tutor for your child. Perhaps you might only be looking for one on a short term basis, but at least give it a try still as your child may get used to our tutors’ teaching methods and request to continue on as they progress through Primary and Secondary school.

It is important to note that the education system here may be considered competitive and quite stressful to some. This might result in a cultural shock to our fellow international students. However, with the proper head start, we are certain that your child will be able to overcome it.

AEIS Test TuitionAdmission into Primary 2–5 AEIS Test Tuition Admission into Secondary 1–3


Primary 2/3 English
Primary 2/3 Mathematics
Primary 4/5 English
Primary 4/5 Mathematics
Secondary English
Secondary Mathematics
* You can choose to just concentrate on English or both Mathematics and English

Tuition Rate

Undergraduate Tutor:
$20 – $23/hour
Graduated Tutor:

$23 – $25/hour
Full-time Tutor:
$25- $30/hour
Ex/Current School Teacher:
$35 – $45/hour
Undergraduate Tutor:
$25 – $30/hour
Graduated Tutor:
$30 – $35/hour
Full Time Tutor:
$35 – $40/hour
Ex/Current School Teacher:
$50 – $55/hour
*Tuition rate may vary according to the tutor’s experience.


You can choose your preferred day, timing and location
Duration 1.5 – 3 hours


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