In Primary school and lower Secondary, students are taught the very basic and general portion of Science. In Science, there are a total of three sub topics. This includes Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Once students advance to upper Secondary, most of the time they are allowed to choose which sub topic to further in. However, some schools make it compulsory to take at least two or even all three of the sub topics. Other schools, do not offer all the three options. A lot of theory is involve when it comes to Biology. It’s concerned with the study of life and living organisms. The key to scoring well in the subject is “understanding”, which quite a number of students lack in.

Firstly, Biology involves reading over multiple times. Students may find that they don’t really understand what the teacher is teaching at times due to the complexity of the words being used, which can be rather intimidating to some students. This can cause them to have many unanswered questions. The solution to this is to hire a home tutor, who can assist students to clarify any doubts that they might still have after the class.

Secondly, a home tutor can provide you with further explanation to aid students in their understanding. As mentioned previously, students might not be able to comprehend everything the teacher says in class. This is where a tutor can come into play to provide a second explanation. This can help to enhance the student’s understanding and prevent them from getting overwhelmed.

Thirdly, home tuition is more engaging as it is on a 1-to-1 basis, meaning that students will get to receive full attention from the tutor. For Biology wise, this is essential to a student’s learning. This is because tutors are fully focused on the student and because of that, will be able to provide a clearer understanding through real life examples.

There are quite a number of students who dropped out of Biology because they are unable to cope with it. They find it too challenging for them and are not able to keep up with the pace in school. The school teachers can’t always be blamed as well as they have a syllabus to follow. They also have to guide other students in the class. That is why home tuition is the perfect solution for this. Lessons will be catered to the student and at their pace, so that they will have a good grip on the subject and not fall behind in school. Hence, don’t give up. Instead, give Awesome Home Tuition a chance to guide you.

I would like to thank your agency for putting in the effort to source for my son’s Biology tutor. He is happy with the tutor so far and we have also noticed the improvements in his results.

– Mrs Charmaine Sim from Queenstown