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More JC Students Taking Polytechnic Route

There are quite a number of Singaporeans out there who always like to make a comparison between Junior College (JC) and Polytechnics (Poly). These individuals tend to deem one to be of better education and level than the other. The truth is that this is a common misconception. Both institutes offer a different set […]

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SOTA offering Film as International Baccalaureate Subject

The Singapore's School of the Arts (SOTA) has announced that they will be offering Film as an International Baccalaureate (IB) subject to students who are applying to Junior College under the Direct School Admission for entry into SOTA in 2014. These students will be joining in SOTA as year 5 students.

The IB Film subject initially began in 2012 and […]

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New E-exam for A-level Mother Tongue B

As from this year onward, the Ministry of Education (MOE) will be introducing a computer-based component into the A-level Mother Tongue Language B examination. Approximately 300 first-year junior-college students, which is less than 2 per cent of the entire cohort, will be taking their functional-writing component in front of a laptop in November.

Students will now have to either […]

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Hands-on Astronomy Lessons at NJC

On Saturday, National Junior College (NJC) officially opened its rooftop observatory, which included a $70,000 state-of-the-art telescope. Students will now be able to have hands-on astronomy lessons. In fact, from this year onward, students will be given the choice for some new research electives. Their choices will include astrophysics, astrochemistry and astrobiology.

These electives classes will be conducted in a classroom […]

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Singapore Wins Angus Ross Prize for Literature

Since 1987, Cambridge International Examinations has been awarding the Angus Ross prize in honour of Dr Angus Ross, who was the chairman of the A Level English Literature examiners. Since then, Singapore students have a strong history of winning it. The Angus Ross prize is awarded to students who show outstanding ability in their examination scripts. According to Dr […]

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Mobile App Providing Free Solutions to Homework

As technology rapidly advances, it also gives rise to new education methods. The latest of all is this mobile app, which can help to explain tricky homework questions. This app, which can be downloaded, was specially developed to cater towards the more needy students who struggle to afford tuition.

It is an extremely easy to use app, where […]

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Active Parents in Schools

Both of Madam Christine Sim children are already in their secondary school, but the 50-year-old still continues to be a volunteer at Loyang Primary School. She organises reading programmes as well as helps chaperone pupils. According to her, she has grown familiar with the school and feel that it isn't quite the right time to leave just yet.

Aside […]

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Goals Over Grades

When Sherry Oh was only 11 years old, she realised that she had a talent for cooking. This discovery took place after she started preparing lunch for herself as well as her two younger siblings on a daily basis. She had to take up the role as her parents needed to work. Now at […]

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Increase in Tertiary School Fees

From the next academic year, four Government-funded universities, five polytechnics as well as the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) will be raising their tuition fees. Just like increases from previous years, the hike this time around will be higher for both the permanent residents and foreigners as compared to that for citizens.

For both polytechnics and the ITE, […]

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1 in 3 Places for Kids From Lower-Income Families

As many of you would have known by now, the Ministry of Education (MOE) will be running their own kindergartens. In fact, so far they have stated five locations, four of which are sited in existing primary schools. These schools include Blangah Rise Primary, Dazhong Primary, Farrer Park Primary and Punggol View Primary. The other location is in […]

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