In Primary school and lower Secondary, students are taught the very basic and general portion of Science. In Science, there are a total of three sub topics. This includes Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Once students advance to upper Secondary, most of the time they are allowed to choose which sub topic to further in. However, some schools make it compulsory to take at least two or even all three of the sub topics. Other schools, do not offer all the three options. Chemistry is a more theory based topic compared to Physics. It involves more concepts and understanding. This could be quite challenging to some students and this is where the role of a home tutor comes into play.

Firstly, a home tutor can help in simplifying and elaborating on some of the more complicated concepts. This helps to clarify any doubts and clear any confusions in the heads of students. It is also important to have a strong foundation as the topics will only get tougher as it goes on. By having a better understanding, it can go a long way to assist you in scoring well in your exams.

Secondly, as Chemistry is a more theory based subject, it can get pretty dull at times by just reading it alone. With the aid of a home tutor, he or she can help in linking the theory aspect along with actual application and when it comes to questions. This will enable you to have a clearer understanding of the subject and a heads up for your tests and examinations.

Thirdly, home tuition itself is pretty flexible. You can have it at your preferred day and timing. If for some reason, you’re unable to have lessons, you can always try rescheduling it with the tutor. However, it also has to depend on the tutor’s availability. Furthermore, you can choose the topics that you would like to focus on or that you’re weak in. In schools, teachers have to follow a standard syllabus, hence, they won’t be able to customise the class just for you. Home tuition, on the other hand, allows you to have such flexibility.

Chemistry can be a rather confusing subject for some students. In fact, this can be quite common. The reason is simply because they do not have a strong grasp of the very basics of the subject. This can definitely change with the help of a home tutor. Chemistry will also be much more fun with a tutor who can enhance your understanding. Therefore, why not give Awesome Home Tuition the opportunity to improve your grades?

Scoring well for Chemistry has never been a problem for me in Secondary school. However, I heard many of my friends said that isn’t as easy in JC. I wanted to make sure that I was able to maintain my grades, so I seek help from a tutor. Awesome Home Tuition did a splendid coordination on their part to assign a tutor for me. With the help of the tutor, I have been able to maintain my results so far. I would sincerely like to thank you for the help!

– Mr Darren Liew from Serangoon