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Chinese is one of the mother tongue that is offered by Schools in Singapore. Many students encounter difficulties when studying languages. The reason to it is lack of practise and understanding. Not speaking Mandarin at home is one of the underlying factors to as why more students are weaker in Mother Tongue. Due to the fact that Singapore is a country filled with Diversity, most of us speaks in English to communicate with the other races. The negligence towards our Mother Tongue is increasing day by day. Some parents tend to even communicate in English with their children at home not giving a chance for students to practise speaking in their second language.chinese-private-tuition

Most student feels that Mother Tongue is not an important subject however little did they know it will add up to the points when sitting for bigger examinations like PSLE or O Levels. Learning languages acquires lots of patience and effort. Reading and Writing are one of the most common help seeked by parents.

While there are many ways to how student can improve on this particular subject, it is best to engage a private Chinese tutor who is qualified and experienced to guide you to excelling in Chinese. Having a private Chinese tuition will allow you to understand the subject better according to your phase.

Our private Chinese tutor has prepared curriculum for each Chinese language learning level, he/she will adjust teaching style, content, and format to suit your specific goals and develop a program tailored to meet a child’s individual needs. By engaging a Chinese tutor can also help your child by tuning into his or her preferred learning style and working with your child develop specific strategies on how to develop good work practices to learn Chinese efficiently.

Do not waste any more time and get the help your child’s need. Together with the help of our wide ranges of tutors, we can help your child grow and create interest for Chinese. Give them a good head start for the subject , one wrong move might affect the child’s approach towards the subject therefore we are here to help provide dedicated and motivating Chinese tutors to encourage your child into the path of success…

Your child has an incredible ability to learn more than one language.

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Qualification Preschool/Lower Primary Upper Primary Secondary Junior College
A Level/Diploma $15 – $20/hr $18 – $23/hr $25 – $30/hr $30 – $40/hr
Undergraduate $20 – $25/hr $23 – $25/hr $30 – $35/hr $40 – $50/hr
Degree Holder $25 – $30/hr $25 – $35/hr $30 – $50/hr $55 – $60/hr
MOE Trainee/Teacher $45 – $50/hr $45 – $50/hr $50 – $80/hr $80 – $120/hr