Mathematics has always been a compulsory subject since Kindergarten. Although it may be relatively basic in Kindergarten, it became much more elaborated in Primary school. As your child advances to Secondary school, Mathematics doesn’t get any easier. In lower Secondary, the emphasis is on Elementary (E) Mathematics. In upper Secondary, Additional (A) Mathematics comes along. For A Maths, it can be either optional or compulsory. However, there is no doubt that E Maths is a core subject and must be passed if a student wishes to progress further. Mathematics is about understanding the concepts, applying the formula and practicing. Home tuition provides ample practice to get your child prepared for the road ahead.

Firstly, we are all aware that practice makes perfect. In schools, teachers do assign assignments for your child to complete. However, sometimes it might not cover everything and could be only minimal. By having a home tutor to guide your child, the tutor will be able to spot the more crucial questions for your child to practice. This acts as both a form of revision and an effective way to get them geared up for the examinations.

Secondly, a home tutor provides your child with 1-to-1 attention. This means that the tutor’s time will not be divided, unlike those of school teachers. In other words, your child will not have to worry about questions left unanswered or doubts not clarified. School teachers might not always have enough time to respond to all the students. However, a tutor can! This is because the attention is fully given to your child. Therefore, they would not have to struggle anymore to keep up in class.

Thirdly, it is well known among students that A Maths is much more complex and challenging compared to E Maths. However, A Maths is just the very basic if your child decides to enter into a University. Therefore, it shouldn’t be taken any lightly in Secondary school. In fact, students should learn to have a clear picture of the concepts. A home tutor is like a piece to the puzzle as they can help your child to get the missing piece into place. They are the ones who can provide your child with the necessary explanations until they are able to understand the essential concepts.

Many parents in Singapore are willing to invest the money to hire a tutor for their child especially for Mathematics. This is because to excel in the subject, one has to constantly be practicing it. In other words, the most qualified individuals to teach your child would be tutors. They are the ones who are constantly sharing their knowledge with other students, so they are effectively practicing and refreshing their Mathematics skills. Ready for Awesome results? Then try Awesome Home Tuition!

This is my second time getting a tutor from the agency. The first time was for my elder daughter and now for the younger one. Well, I wouldn’t have return if there was something wrong. So I just want to tell you how appreciative I am for the help so far. I’ll definitely get in touch with you again when it is my youngest son turn to learn A Maths. Thank you.
– Mr Gary Adams from Bukit Timah