Every student is required to take up at least one subject in Humanities when they are in Secondary school as well as Junior College. They usually have a choice to select from three of following subjects. They are Geography, History and Literature. Geography focuses on the study of the lands, features, inhabitants and phenomena of the Earth. Students always have the misconception that it is very much similar to Science. Hence, they are not too concern over it as they have been studying Science since Secondary school. However, Geography stands on its own and without having a good grasp of the concepts, students will have difficulty in scoring well. This is where home tuition makes a difference.

Firstly, home tuition allocates time for students to do their revision. Let’s face it, nobody likes studying. Most of us after school will probably end up playing and having fun. With a home tutor though, students will be granted that extra hour, be it once or twice a week to do their revision. Furthermore, students won’t be on your own. There will be someone beside them who will be able to guide and motivate them. This will definitely help to prepare them for any upcoming tests or examinations.

Secondly, Geography revolves around understanding and concepts in order to answer the questions. It is not purely about memorising, it involves actual application too. This is something a tutor can help students with by providing them with explanations and examples. Yes, school teachers will definitely do their part in this too. However, won’t it be an advantage for you to widen your knowledge with more information from a tutor? This can potentially help you especially in the long questions.

Thirdly, with a home tutor, students will be able to receive full and undivided attention. In other words, lessons can be catered towards their needs. They don’t have to go through every single chapter if they don’t feel the need to. Instead, they can focus on the areas where they are weaker in or require further guidance with. This allows lessons to be more interactive compared to the traditional classroom setting.

Geography is not a difficult subject when you are able to see how the Earth works. After that, students would just need to transfer that knowledge and apply them onto the essay questions. It may be quite a challenge at first, but with proper guidance, they will be able to overcome the odds. This is where Awesome Home Tuition is ever ready to assist you!

Much thanks to Awesome Tuition for finding me a tutor to lead my child on the right track! As parents, we were pretty concerned as Geography wasn’t her best subject. With the aid of the tutor, her results have improved quite drastically. I will definitely recommend your services to other parents!

– Mr Gabriel Tan from Yew Tee