In Primary school and Secondary school, students have always been informed on how important English is. Furthermore, majority of the lessons in schools are conducted in English to emphasise on the significance of the English language. However, when they advance to Junior College, a good command of the English language alone isn’t sufficient to excel in the General Paper (GP). Students are also required to have substantial general knowledge on issues that are occurring around the world. This might become a challenge for some students as they do not normally pay attention to the news or read the newspaper. With assistance from a GP tutor, they will be able to receive pointers and things to keep a lookout for.

Firstly, English as a subject is more than just reading, writing and speaking. It also revolves around understanding the concepts and interpreting them in order to answer the given GP questions. This may seem relatively alright in Primary and Secondary school. However, it doesn’t get any easier in JC. With the aid of a GP tutor, students will be able to grasp these concepts much faster and more effectively. If they have any doubts in interpreting them, the general paper tutor will be able to provide further explanation.

Secondly, as mentioned, GP is more advanced compared to English as it involves general knowledge and at times, world affairs. Full-time GP tutors will be able to provide hints and tips on what’s to be expected as they have been teaching General Paper for years. Hence, they will have a rough idea of what the GP examination usually focuses on. This helps in providing you with a much needed advantage over the rest of your peers in school. You will also be able to obtain suggested solutions from the private tutor along with ways you can improve in answering the questions.

Thirdly, GP revolves around the English language and English has to involve continual practice in order for one to improve. What better way than to have a home tutor practice the language with you? They will be able to converse with you and point out on the spot, any mistakes that you make. This is extremely crucial especially for those whose families do not use English as their main language. Through constant practice, you’ll eventually start to realise that it does play a huge difference.

Students tend to overlook and neglect the General Paper as they feel that it is not something that requires much studying. However, it is because of such reasons that many students aren’t able to perform to their true potential. Without a good grade in GP, getting into the University of your choice will be an uphill battle. Therefore, you shouldn’t risk it. Awesome Home Tuition can be the one that helps you to perform to your true abilities!

My English has never been good. When I did manage to get into JC, my main concern was how I was going to cope with the GP. I have seniors who are good in English, but still faced difficulty in passing the GP. I decided to seek help from a tutor and I’m so grateful to Awesome Home Tuition for providing me with such a qualified one. With the help of the GP tutor, I can see the gradual improvements!

– Mr Stanley Yap from Tiong Bahru