In Junior College, students will have an opportunity to select the width of certain subjects that they would like to study. Chemistry is one of the subjects that students get to choose if they would like to take the H1 or H2 level. Both the levels have the same depth in difficulty, but H2 has a wider breath than H1. In other words, H2 offers a wider scope of study. Whichever level that you decide to choose, you still have to be prepared as it is much tougher compared to secondary school. Hence, home tuition can always come in handy to provide assistance.

Firstly, we are all aware that Chemistry involves clear and precise understanding of the subject in order to have a good grasp of it. Yes, you may have fared well in it during secondary school days, but in JC, this is a totally different ball game. With a home tutor by your side, it makes things a lot easier. Obviously, you would still need to do the necessary read ups before each session. However, during each session, you will get your chance to clear any doubts or concerns with the tutor. This will guarantee you to be more prepared.

Secondly, Chemistry involves quite a lot of theory and memorising, which is something that students dread. Our memory has a limited capacity, so how can we retain all the information from the textbook? Having home tuition allows you to have that advantage because tutors can guide you along. As they have been through the education system themselves, they will be able to pinpoint to you what are the key points to take note of. This will enhance your learning as you will know exactly what to focus on. Without a tutor to highlight the important points, you will have a long journey ahead.

Thirdly, chemistry is based on the science of matter such as its composition, structure, properties and chemical reactions. As there are quite a number similar elements, it can cause students to confuse them with one another. With the aid of a home tutor, you can get more explanation on areas where you are confused in due to the full attention you will be receiving. This enables you to have a clearer understanding of the topics that you face difficulty with.

The education in Singapore isn’t easy, many students get stressed out easily because they are unable to cope with their studies. Don’t let that happen to you! Awesome Home Tuition is here to provide you with the assistance to help make your learning a more memorable one.

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Testimonial: I struggled to find my footing in Chemistry when I first enrolled into JC. Luckily, I was able to find your agency online. After my parents willingly agreed to it, I signed up with you guys. I’m extremely elated with the results so far and I’ll definitely recommend your services to my other classmates. Thank you for the help!

– Mr Mohd Asli from Bishan

H1/H2 Chemistry Tuition
Tuition Rate

A Level Tutor:
$35 – 40/hour

Undergraduate Tutor:
$37 – $42/hour

Graduated Tutor:
$40 – $50/hour

Full-time Tutor/NIE Trainee:
$45- $55/hour

Ex/Current School Teacher:
$60 – $100/hour

*Tuition rate may vary according to the tutor’s qualifications and experience.
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