In Secondary school, there was Elementary Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. In Junior College, there is H1 or H2 Mathematics. So what’s the difference between them? Both of them have the same depth, but H2 Maths has a wider breath compared to that of H1. In other words, H2 Maths cover more compared to H1 Maths. Everything else will be the same, including the level of difficulty. However, for those students who are looking to enter into University, it would be strongly recommended for them to choose H2 Maths as they will need a good foundation to begin with.

Ultimately, whichever Mathematics they decide to take, they will soon realise that it is far more complex than in Secondary school. If they are unable to keep up in class, it will probably be the start of a tough road ahead. To keep them on the right track, the perfect solution is having a good maths tutor to help them preparing the A Level Examincation.

Firstly, H1 and H2 Maths both require a good understanding of the formulae involved and how to apply them. School teachers will do the necessary teaching, but aren’t always available to answer to all your queries as they have a syllabus to follow and other students to attend to in a short period on time. In order to overtime this, home tuition is the key! Students can get all their doubts cleared on the spot with the help of a maths tutor. They won’t have to worry about waiting in line as attention will be fully given to them. This makes learning h1/h2 maths a lot easier and less tedious.

Secondly, the maths tutors were once students themselves. This means that they have been through the phase that students are currently undergoing. They will have a better understanding of what these students are facing and can help them to overcome their stress. In other words, they will not just assume the role of a tutor, they will also be a motivator to these students.

Thirdly, we are all well aware that practice makes perfect when it comes to Mathematics. This is what students need to do in order for them to improve on their grades. Sometimes, it is the lack of practice that pulls their grade down. With a maths tutor, this can change. Students will have to remain focus during the session to practice and revise. However, the advantage is that there will be someone there to make things easier. Believe it or not, it does make a huge difference when a tutor is around to assist students compared to their fellow classmates who have to do self study alone.

As students progress further in the education system, the level of difficulty in Mathematics also increases. They would tend to get stressed out by the obstacle in their way and some of them might not even be capable of coping with it on their own. Either way, Awesome Home Tuition will definitely have something to offer.

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I’m utterly grateful towards Awesome Home Tuition for matching a very knowledgeable JC tutor for me. I had high hopes for Maths before enrolling into JC, but I didn’t realise it would be such an uphill battle. Thankfully, your agency was fast and efficient in searching for a suitable maths tutor for me. So thank you once again for everything!

– Mr Jim Low from Tanjong Pagar

H1/H2 Maths Tuition
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Undergraduate Tutor:
$37 – $42/hour

Graduated Tutor:
$40 – $50/hour

Full-time Tutor/NIE Trainee:
$45- $55/hour

Ex/Current School Teacher:
$60 – $100/hour

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