Hindi is another mother tongue of Indians aside from Tamil. It isn’t as common in Singapore as compared to the Tamil language. That doesn’t mean that your child can divert away from it. If it is their mother tongue, they will still be expected to be able to read, write and speak in Hindi.

Language differs from that of Mathematics and Science in the sense that it doesn’t involve any formulae. Instead, it requires consistent practice in order for anyone to excel in it. Hence, the only way one will be able to perform better in Hindi is to actually use it more frequently. Furthermore, as we live in a multi racial society, conversations with friends are usually carried out in English. The best way to help your child improve in their language skills is through home tuition. Here are some of the benefits that home tuition has to offer compared to the traditional classroom setting.

Firstly, a home tutor allows your child to have more interaction in Hindi. Yes, we are aware that families do speak Hindi when they are at home. However, aside from conversations, reading and writing are just as important. Home tuition allows your child to have more practice in these areas as there usually isn’t a lot of time spent in school for Hindi. This is how home tuition can contribute to benefit your child.

Secondly, since there isn’t a lot of time spent on Hindi, your child may have unanswered questions or other doubts. The teacher might not be able to clarify all of your child’s concerns due to the time constraint. Furthermore, teachers have a syllabus to adhere to and other students to attend to as well. On the other hand, a home tutor only has your child to focus on during the tuition session. This gives your child an opportunity to clear whatever outstanding queries that they have.

Last of all, home tuition can aid your child in their assignments or at least review them to help your child enhance them. Since there isn’t much time in class, teachers will assign your child with homework that is to be submitted by the next lesson. Depending on the learning pace of every child, some may face a much tougher time compared to others. Therefore, some children might end up struggling with their assignments. A home tutor can help to overcome this problem by providing explanation and advice to them, allowing them to cope better.

Since Hindi is one of the less common mother tongue languages compared to the rest, more effort has to be put in for your child to reach greater heights. The best solution is to provide them with home tuition. Awesome Home Tuition would love the chance to aid your child in their studies.

Testimonial: Thanks to the agency for helping me to find a knowledgeable tutor for my son. I’ve noticed the difference and he is also more hardworking now. Previously we did have a tutor, but she wasn’t as good as the one you recommended, so thank you once again.

– Mrs Priya from Kovan