Every student is required to take up at least one subject in Humanities when they are in Secondary school as well as Junior College. They usually have a choice to select from three of following subjects. They are Geography, History and Literature. History is all about information from past events. The problem that students usually face with History the memorising and cramping of data. Although History revolves around dates and events, it shouldn’t just focus on pure memorising. It should be about building up interest in the subject. This is where home tuition can come into play.

Firstly, History may seem rather mundane in schools. However, we can’t always forfeit the teachers on that. The reason is because they have a syllabus to follow and might not be able to make it as exciting as they would like. On the other hand, a home tutor has more time to spare. They can customise the lesson for students to develop interest. This can range from providing in-depth explanations to methods that can help make memorising much easier. In this way, lessons will be more engaging compared to that in schools. Through this, students will be much more motivated and eventually, put in even more effort to achieve their desired results.

Secondly, our tutors themselves were students before and they have been through the education system here. Hence, they will be able to understand and relate to what you are facing. This makes it easier for students to consult them. More importantly, they would be able to provide additional pointers, tips and hints on questions. At the same time, they are more than capable of leading students on the right track to answering the questions. This will make students feel much more at ease and prepared compared to their fellow classmates who are not receiving any home tuition.

Thirdly, History is all about the significance of an event taking place on a specific date. As there are so many chapters in the textbook, students might have difficulties recalling every single one of them. As mentioned earlier, school teachers have a strict syllabus to follow. Hence, they won’t always be able to review previous chapters regularly. However, a home tutor has this advantage. They can always keep students in-check by having them summarise past topics and at the same time, going through new ones. It is only through such means that students will be able to recall past work.

Many people feel that hiring a tutor for History is pointless as it is solely based on an individual’s memory power in order to ace the subject. This “belief” is purely fictitious. With the help of a home tutor, students will definitely be able to feel a difference compared to attempting the subject alone. Therefore, why not give Awesome Home Tuition the opportunity to make that difference?

I’m very grateful to the school for making the arrangements to my requirements. I was quite picky on the choice of tutor, but the school still managed to cater to my needs. I’m pleased with the results so far and I’m pretty sure with the help of the tutor, I’ll be able to perform even better.

– Mr Md Hairi from Pasir Ris