The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an international educational foundation. It is catered for students studying in the various international schools in Singapore. The education system differs from that of the normal local system. The subjects are slightly different as well. Nonetheless, Awesome Home Tuition still offers home tuition for IB students.

In PYP, subject ranges from language to social studies to Mathematics to Science. Considering that children are aged between 3 to 12 years old in this group, they might face difficulty in understanding what is being taught in school. This is where Awesome Home Tuition comes in and makes that difference. This is when your chld’s foundation is being build. Hence, it is vital to ensure their fundamentals are properly placed.

For MYP, children are aged 11 to 16. Apart from those previous subjects, additional subjects such as humanities and technology are included in their course of study. Here, some children are unable to cope with so many subjects and may require assistance. With the help of IB home tuition, it gives your child some breathing space. How? IB tutors would have individual sessions with your child, where they would be able to identify their strengths and weakness. Thus, they will be able to provide guidance in the areas that your child requires.

For DP, children are aged from 16 to 19. This is also the time when your child chooses what to specialise in apart from the compulsory subjects. Most children in the IB course face their toughest challenge during this period. As subjects are much tougher in DP, some children are not able to keep up with what is being taught in class. Awesome Home Tuiiton plays the role of bridging that gap. By having one-to-one IB tuition, your child would be able to clarify all their doubts and keep up in class.

IB Home tuition is strongly recommended to any parents who want to see their child perform better in school. With such a long journey in the education system and so many subjects to work on, I’m sure your child wouldn’t mind an additional helping hand to assist them on their journey through learning.

Testimonial from Adam Smith – IB Tuition

I’ve always believe in providing my daughter, Erica, with as much help as she needs in her studies. My wife and I would normally spend a few hours over the weekends to help with her school work. It worked pretty alright at the start, but when she started advancing through the years, I’ve got to be honest, even we were not capable to help her anymore. Therefore, we searched the Internet for help and found Awesome Home Tuition. A big thank you to them for referring such a qualified and capable IB tutor to us! It was a relief to both my wife and I. So far, Erica has no problems with the home tutor and she’s even having IB home tuition twice a week. I’ve definitely seen gradual improvements in her results as well compared to when we were the ones guiding her!