The Integrated Programme (IP) is an integrated upper secondary and JC education where secondary school students can proceed to JC without taking the ‘O’ Level Examinations. Schools offering IP will optimize the time freed up from preparing for the O Levels to stretch students and provide greater breadth in the academic and non-academic curriculum.

Every student would love to do without an examination. However, they aren’t too aware that it can also be a disadvantage towards them. Without an ‘O’ level certificate, students have to perform well in their ‘A’ levels examination in order to secure a qualified certificate. If they are unable to do so, they will only be left with a PSLE certificate.

How does these change things? As student are not required to take the ‘O’ level examinations, some of them might start to take it easy. However, they are clearly unaware that in order to perform well in the ‘A’ levels, they are required to have the basic knowledge from secondary school.

This is also the reason why many parents whose child is under the integrated programme, decide to hire a IP home tutor for them. This is to keep their child focus in their studies and not fall behind. An important point to take note of is that your child has to be constantly following well in order to perform in the ‘A’ levels. It would be a danger should your child be lagging behind and be required to play “catch up”.

At Awesome Home Tuition, our IP tutors can help your child by keeping them up-to-date with what is being taught in school. Apart from that, they can also clarify any doubts and questions that your child might face in school. This prevents your child from falling behind. Also, if your child is weak in certain subjects, they can cater to them by focusing on those subjects. We would definitely recommend starting IP tuition once your child decides to undertake the integrated program as this will allow someone to support them the entire journey.

Testimonial from Adam Smith – IP Tuition
My child was under the 6-year IP leading to the ‘A’ level examinations. At first, it seemed pretty alright and that he was able to cope. Hence, I didn’t seek any additional help. In the 3rd year of the programme, my son suddenly informed me that he wanted to pull out. I was extremely shock and didn’t know how to react at first. I told him I’ll get him help and that’s when I found Awesome Home Tuition. If it wasn’t for them, my son would have probably been out of the IP already. He’s now in his 5th year and coping much better compared to before. I do not regret hiring a home tutor for him at all. However, the only thing that I actually regret is not starting home tuition earlier. An advice to all parents would be to find a suitable tutor from the first year of IP and I’m pretty sure that you can find a qualified one from Awesome Home Tuition! 

IP Tuition
Year1 – Year3
IP Tuition
Year4 – Year 6

A Level Tutor:
$22 – $26/hour

Undergraduate Tutor:
$25 – $28/hour

Graduated Tutor:
$25 – $30/hour

Full-time Tutor/NIE Trainee:
$30 – $40/hour

Ex/Current School Teacher:
$50 – $70/hour

A Level Tutor:
$25 – $30/hour

Undergraduate Tutor:
$30 – $35/hour

Graduated Tutor:
$35 – $45/hour

Full Time/NIE Trainee Tutor:
$40 – $50/hour

Ex/Current School Teacher:
$60 – $80/hour

*Tuition rate may vary according to the tutor’s experience.
Your can choose your preferred day, timing and location.

(Year1 – Year3)

(Year4 – Year6)