Feel like you’re lagging behind your peers?

Need a kick start to boost your confidence?

The transition from Secondary School to Junior College is a big step. Students are often nervous, unsure of what is coming for them. Engaging a private tutor for preparative purposes might be a good head start for students to build their confidence. It is always easier to overcome something that you are aware of, compared to the unknown.

Although Junior College is only for two years,  JC students have to start with a good foundation if not they won’t be able to catch up easily. You have to remember that in order to get into a good University, you have to do well for your ‘A’ Levels. To do well for your ‘A’ Levels, you’ll have to have a good foundation. At the end of the day it boils down to having a good foundation with the help of private tuition.

Awesome Home Tuition is always the best choice to look for JC home tutors, with the wide range of JC tutors that we have, we can allocate tutor and tutee as efficient as you would have imagined. We are confident that through us, you will be able to get your dream tutor, and through his or her help as well as your determination, be on your way to achieving your dream grade.

Tackle your ‘A Level’ papers with poise and confidence with the help and motivation from our dedicated tutors. Why make your journey to the University of your choice an uphill battle, when Awesome Home Tuition provide tutors who are willing to help you have a smooth transition?

Do not wait any further, do not waver to other pages – Instead, call our friendly coordinators today to enquire more about the possibility of the future success of your child. There will be no agency fee incurred, arrangement of phone interviews are also possible at your convenience. Our team of coordinators are more than eager to arrange the best tutors and be part of your achievements..

Strive for greater success and reach your goals with Awesome Home Tuition.

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Mrs Tan from Tampines registered jc home tuition for her son

My son has been struggling with his studies since he started JC. I’ve never seen him that stressed out before in Secondary school. I realized that maybe he needed extra help. I approached Awesome to register jc tuition for my son to see how it goes. To both our delight, it has helped improve his results and he has requested to continue with the tuition teacher. Really appreciate for Aishah arrange a good tuition teachers for my kids.


Junior College Home Tuition (JC1 and JC2)
Mathematics & Science
H1 Mathematics
H2 Mathematics
H1 Chemistry
H2 Chemistry
H1 Physics
H2 Physics
H2 Principle of Accounting
Knowledge Skill
General Paper
H1 Economics
H2 Economics
H1 Geography
H2 Geography
H1 History
H2 History
*We would recommend at least 2 hours per subject weekly
Tuition Rate

A Level Tutor:
$35 – 40/hour

Undergraduate Tutor:
$40 – $45/hour

Graduated Tutor/Full-time Tutor:
$55 – $60/hour

Ex/Current School Teacher:
$80 – $120/hour

*Tuition rate may vary according to the tutor’s qualifications and experience.
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