Every student is required to take up at least one subject in Humanities when they are in Secondary school as well as Junior College. They usually have a choice to select from three of following subjects. They are Geography, History and Literature. Literature is the art of written work revolving mainly around poetry and essays. When it comes to Shakespeare, it is a poet’s best friend and a student’s worst nightmare, especially when they are ones studying it. The use of the English language here is the key. In the minds of many students, Literature is viewed as the toughest of all three Humanities. They will try their best to avoid it if possible. The reason for doing so is because they do not have a strong foundation or someone who can assist them in building it. Not many people opt for home tuition in Literature. However, if they do, they will be able to notice the difference that it can actually make.

Firstly, the way sentences are structured in Literature can be pretty intimidating. The teachers in school might not always be able to explain everything due to the time constraint. This can cause some concern especially for those students who do not have a good grasp of the English language. If they are unable to keep up, there will be a tendency for them to drop the subject. However, with the aid of a home tutor, students will be able to overcome the difficulty. As they will be receiving full attention from the tutor, they will be able to get better explanations and taught on how sentences should be constructed to answer the questions.

Secondly, home tuition can assist students in figuring out the root of the problem that they are facing. Although school teachers do mark and feedback on assignments, many students are still unable to identify their mistakes clearly. A tutor can provide additional feedback on the assignments and how students can tackle them in the future. This will help them to do better and at the same time, build up the confidence that some of them lack in.

Thirdly, Literature is all about knowing how to tackle the question. As our tutors have been through the subject themselves, they will be able to provide additional guidelines and various methods to answering questions. Hence, students will have other approaches if they don’t feel comfortable with their current one. This will definitely be an advantage for them over their fellow classmates.

Literature is not an easy subject. The English language used can be rather complex and tricky. However, home tuition is a solution to that. There’s a saying that goes, “you’ll never know if you never try”. Awesome Home Tuition would love to be of help, so contact us today!

I decided to hire a Literature tutor for my son after realising that he had problems coping with it. I was worried that it might have been too late. Thankfully, the tutor managed to guide him on the right path. Here’s a shout out to Awesome agency for the quality service!

– Mrs Seliya from from Eunos