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Math Becomes the Easiest Subject That You Have Ever Learn in School

Mathematics is a science that deals with the logic of shape and arrangement. Mathematics is applied in most of the things we do. Maths is also useful in other field of studies like Humanities, Engineering, Business, Science, Medicine and more. Despite the importance of maths, many people fear it and fail to understand the concept of maths due to its complexity. Maths is a series of building blocks, if the foundation is not strong student might face difficulty in the long run.Maths Tuition

Sometimes just by hearing the word Maths might scare a student away. The thoughts of the impending problem sum and equations are terrifying for them. This is because they are afraid of getting the answers wrong and when they do, they usually lose interest but it does not mean that it is a very difficult subject. Students just need to comprehend the concepts and the calculation methods through doing exercises, so that they can experience firsthand what the calculations are for. However, of course, to understand all the concepts will be a hard job to do so that the students, especially those who are weak in math, need a tutor to help their learning.  With the right guidance and motivations, your child will gain his or her confidence in no time.

Group Tuition Vs Private Tuition

Having a dilemma to choose between group tuition and private tuition is a norm for parents. However it has been argued in so many articles proving that private tuition is more beneficial for a student.


The first key that we can agree on is the ratio of teachers to student. In group tuition, there is only one teacher accommodating to many students , just like in school.  With just an hour or two, tutors might not be able to cover a lot of topics with the different student’s pace of learning, Some faster, some slower. The faster one will be slowed down while the slower ones just get weaker. With comparison to Private Tuition, student is able to get 100% of the tutor’s attention. Tutors will also be working at your child’s pace. Re-covering topics when its needed , doing more exercises for practise and clearing your child’s doubts.

We also realized that some students are unable to voice out their questions afraid that their question might be irrelevant. Some are shy to ask in front of their classmates. Private tuition is a given advantage for a shy student to ask unlimited questions without the need to feel shy or inferior. This allows better understanding and in most cases it helps boost the confidence of the student.

So.. Why Awesome Home Tuition?


[A] – Active Learning students are actively engaged in the learning process, rather than “passively” absorbing.

[W] – Wisdom  the ability to make correct judgments and decisions.

[E] – Engagement positive sentiment a student feels towards learning.

[S] – Self-Efficiency the strength of student’s belief in his own ability to complete tasks and reach goals.

[O] Objective statement of a goal which students are expected demonstrably to achieve

[M] – Motivating words of encouragement for the student to overcome obstacles

[E] – Extraordinary all students are equally amazing and can be when carved the right way

Awesome Home Tuition has a large pool of tutors that we have sourced for their dedication and credentials in teaching. Our tutors ranges from Undergraduate, Graduated to NIE Trained/Current/Former School Teachers. The matching of tutor and students work accordingly to your time,day and venue of preference at your own convenience. If you have additional expectations of a tutor please,do not hesitate to let our friendly tuition coordinators know.

Awesome Home Tuition has nothing but your child’s best interest to succeed in the subject. We are also committed in offering the best quality and affordable maths home tuition for your child. Parent’s sacrifices are an investment for your child’s bright future and career in the long run.

The Best way to predict your Future is to create it. “ – Abraham Lincoln


Qualification Lower Primary Upper Primary Secondary Junior College
A Level/Diploma $15 – $20/hr $18 – $23/hr $25 – $30/hr $30 – $40/hr
Undergraduate $20 – $25/hr $23 – $25/hr $30 – $35/hr $40 – $50/hr
Degree Holder $25 – $30/hr $25 – $35/hr $30 – $50/hr $55 – $60/hr
MOE Trainee/Teacher $45 – $50/hr $45 – $50/hr $50 – $80/hr $80 – $120/hr

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