Home Tuition for N Level

The General Certificate Education (GCE) ‘N’ (Normal) Levels Examination is an examination taken by all secondary 4 normal academic and normal technical stream students. It helps to determine the students that will continue into secondary 5 as well as which Institute of Technical Education (ITE) they will be posted to for those who choose to skip secondary 5.

The ‘N’ Level Examination is significant as it will crave your child’s future path. It can very well determine your child’s future career. In order to achieve good results, proper guidance will be required.

School teachers can help your child to a certain limit only when they are in school. When they head back home, they are totally on their own. Without any revision and constant practice, your child might not be able to catch up with a new topic the next day. Awesome Home Tuition helps to keep your child motivated and bridge the gap.

What’s so Awesome about Home Tuition Agency? Firstly, we have tutors who specialise in various subjects such as English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science. Secondly, our tutors will conduct the lessons at the comfort of your home. Thirdly, we will cater towards your preferred day and timing.

We would always recommend parents to start early and not wait till the last few months. For the ‘N’ levels, we would normally recommend parents to start when your child is still in secondary 3. This will provide ample time for your child to get use to the tutor and give your child sufficient preparation time. With all these factors working as an advantage towards your child, improvements will be seen gradually.

Always remember that knowledge is power and education is priceless. Ensure that your child takes the right path towards his/her future goals by signing up with Awesome Home Tuition today!

Testimonial from Mrs Williams

What an incredible journey it has been for my daughter, Sydney. When we first came to Singapore, we weren’t sure what to expect. It was tough on her when school first commenced. Thankfully, we came across Home Tuition Agency and I honestly feel that it has made a HUGE difference in her ‘N’ level results. I’m extremely grateful and I would like to extend my gratitude out to Home Tuition Agency, Thank you!