The General Certificate Education (GCE) ‘O’ (Ordinary) Levels Examination is an examination taken by all secondary 4 express and secondary 5 normal academic students. Just like the PSLE, it is the final and most significant examination in secondary school.

The GCE ‘O’ Levels examination will help to determine the next path that your child will take. It decides whether they will be taking the 2-year path in a Junior College or the 3-year path in a Polytechnic.

In order to enter into a Junior College, your child’s results would be based on the L1R5 scoring system. For admission into a Polytechnic, results would be based on the L1R4 scoring system. L symbolises first language, which is either English or Higher Mother Tongue and R represents relevant subjects, which has to include Mathematics and Science.

Whether your child chooses to enter into a Junior College or a Polytechnic, results are always the main priority. Achieving those results requires effort and skill. Why are some students able to get better results than others? Yes, we cannot deny intelligence. However, effort and skill plays a huge role too.

School can only help to a certain limit. After that, it is solely based on your child’s ability. Perhaps your child needs that extra helping hand or that “push”. This is where Awesome Home Tuition comes into the picture. We understand the stress that both secondary 3 and 4 students faced when it comes to the ‘O’ levels. Therefore, we want to play our part in helping and motivating your child to achieve the results that they desire.

With the proper guidance from our tutors, they can clarify your child’s doubts in the subjects that they are not strong in. This is beneficial for them as the teachers in schools are not always available to respond to every single question from each student. By having their questions answered by the tutor, it can help to build a stronger foundation and yield even better results for their ‘O’ levels.

Testimonial by Mr Edward Chan

When I discovered my child was facing problems in Mathematics, I panicked as I’m not very strong in that area myself. I decided to hire a tutor for my child through Awesome Home Tuition. Within 2 months, I noticed gradual improvements in my child’s Mathematics. Here’s a big shout out to Awesome Home Tuition, Thank You!