Preschool Home Tuition – A Good Start for Every Child

Preschool education is the start of a child’s learning journey and the foundation to the formal learning that they will go through in the following years to come. The skills and knowledge that are being learnt at this age will have a dramatic impact on your child’s success when formal schooling begins as well as life success. Preschool education is important as it will be able to give your child the edge in a competitive society like what we have in Singapore. When the children who do not receive preschool education
enter Primary 1, they would definitely be lagging behind the rest of their peers. This is because by now, many parents know the importance of preschool education and how competitive the years to come would be for their child.pre school

The time that the children spend in preschool might be long but just exactly how much they absorb is the question. Young children are known for having short attention spans and moreover, a class usually comprises of one teacher to many children. It is almost impossible for the teacher in school to cater specially to one specific child. Teachers usually just continue carrying out the curriculum and seldom have time to stop for the children whom are slightly slower which might be a concern fo

At Awesome Home Tuition, we understand your concerns for your preschooler therefore, we offer tuition for preschoolers too. We have experienced and even in-service preschool teachers who have the passion for helping preschoolers in need to realize their full potential. With the guidance and assistance of a home tutor, your child will be able to have the one to one attention that they require.

Preschoolers tend to be shy to clarify their doubts in school as they might be surrounded by peers who are more advance and therefore not wanting to look like their slower than the rest. One to one tuition allows the preschooler to brush up on the various aspects of what they are not competent in through different teaching methods to cater to their learning style. Your preschooler would also learn much more and have a better insight on the subject as compared to what they learn in school as all the focus is on your child and no one else.

The tutor will not only be able help to reinforce the things that are being learnt in school they will also be able to impart more knowledge to your preschooler which would give them the advantage of knowing much more than their peers in school. Your preschooler will have much more interaction with the tutor as compared to the school teacher which would enable more learning to take place even if it is just merely through conversation. Through the interaction that your preschooler has with the tutor, it will also be helping in the aspect of being more outspoken to their teachers and speaking up to clarify things whenever they are in doubt. A home tutor would definitely make a big difference in your preschoolers learning journey.

Testimonial from Mrs Magdelene Peh

My daughter, Lucy, was in K1 when we decided to hire a home tutor for her. The results were not instant; however, we have no regrets at all. Once she started primary school, we noticed how well her speech was getting. There was a gradual improvement in both her languages. She told us how preschool home tuition has helped her to cope so much better in primary school too. All I can say is give your child a head start while they are still young because it definitely does play a difference!

Preschool Home Tuition (Nursery, K1 & K2)



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