Social Studies is a compulsory subject to take in Secondary school. It also falls under the humanities department. It is mainly about the integrated study of social sciences and humanities  to promote civic competence. In fact, it is quite similar to History, but it relates more to events taking place in Singapore. Just like History, there are quite a number of crucial dates and events to be memorise. However, in order to perform well in the subject, students will soon realise that memorising is only the first stage. There is more than meets the eye. By providing your child with home tuition, the remaining stages will have a much more smoother transition than if they attempt it alone.

Firstly, a home tutor can assist your child in pointing out the key points. From there, the tutor will be able to explain further on those points and ways to remember them. Based on that, your child will have a much easier time recalling the events taking place over specific dates. They will also have a clearer understanding based on the tutor’s elaboration.

Secondly, home tuition can help your child further by touching on the techniques to use when approaching a question. This means that the tutor can help your child figure out the way to structure their answers for the long essay questions. This is essential as the weightage for such questions tend to be rather significant. Without proper guidance, your child may feel lost and wouldn’t know how and where to begin with when they attempt a question. Although this is being taught in school,  most of the time, it barely scratches the surface.

Thirdly, as Social Studies is mainly based on the events that have taken place in Singapore, students will have to be able to match them with real life examples. In other words, some general knowledge is involved. This is where students with home tuition have an advantage over their peers. As tutors tend to have more focus with your child, they will be able to keep them updated with the more important issues that aren’t included in the textbook. This increase their knowledge and helps them to produce better answers.

As Social Studies is a compulsory subject, your child will have to learn to cope with it. Why not make it easier for them by hiring a tutor? Their stress level will probably decrease too if they are aware that there is someone always available to clear their doubts. Let that someone be from Awesome Home Tuition!

My son’s weakest subjects are his humanities. I felt that it was necessary and my job to overcome it. Although, I’m unable to teach him, I knew that I could always hire a tutor. When I approached Awesome Home Tuition for help, they were very helpful and responsive. I could easily put my trust in them and their expertise. Before I knew it, my son was getting additional guidance from a responsible and caring tutor. I know this isn’t much, but I’m compel to say a big thank you to you.
– Mdm Tan from Katong