Although the Indian population in Singapore is much smaller compared to the Chinese or Malay community, they are still required to study a second language apart from English. Most of them will tend to choose Tamil since it is their natural mother tongue language. Therefore, it is critical for your child to be able to read, write and speak in Tamil.

Language differs from that of Mathematics and Science in the sense that it doesn’t involve any formulae. Instead, it requires consistent practice in order for anyone to excel in it. Hence, the only way one will be able to perform better in Tamil is to actually use it more frequently. In schools, the typical timing allocated for second languages is usually no more than two hours daily. Furthermore, as we live in a multi racial society, conversations with friends are usually carried out in English. The best way to help your child improve in their language skills is through home tuition. Here are some of the benefits that home tuition has to offer compared to the traditional classroom setting.

Firstly, Tamil is probably one of the least practiced languages in schools. In fact, most schools do not even have Tamil classes. Students are normally combined from various schools to come together for classes. In other words, very little time is allocated to the language. Furthermore, since there is a syllabus to be covered, there will be even lesser time for your child to practice reading during class. With home tuition, your child will be receiving 1-to-1 attention. Hence, there will enough time to set aside for reading.

Secondly, when it comes to writing essays, your child would definitely be assigned to write quite often. However, not all students are capable of managing it alone. With the assistance of a home tutor, your child will be able to identify the dos and don’ts of essay writing. This will also enable them to learn from their mistakes and prevent them from occurring again. Either way you see it, your child will be able to improve on their writing skills.

Thirdly, with regards to speech, Tamil isn’t used at all in schools unless your child is communicating with friends. With the lack of conversing in the language, the chances of forgetting or making mistakes in the language will be much higher. Furthermore, if your family doesn’t speak Tamil at home, there will be even lesser time for practice. By hiring a home tutor, you can be sure that your child will have more opportunities to practice speaking the language and gain fluency from it.

Finally, there are certain concepts to learn when answering questions and taking exams. Although they are covered in school, not all students are able to grasp it instantly. Some may have a tougher time. A home tutor bridges that gap for your child as there will be more time to clarify doubts, revise and make preparations in advance.

Primary one is the official start to your child’s education in life. Hence, as a parent, you shouldn’t be taking it lightly too. A head start for your child goes a long way to their future. Provide your child with the best possible learning opportunities you can as this can go a long way for their future. Give Awesome Home Tuition that chance to help in moulding and shaping your child’s future.

My son doesn’t really have the opportunity to speak Tamil in school because most of his friends are of other races. Therefore, we were quite concern about him not having enough practice. We do speak Tamil at home sometimes, but we felt that engaging a tutor would have been a better option. Thankfully we did and my son is coping well with the language.

– Mr Raju Gopal from Bukit Panjang