Thank you for the excellent coordination. Your service really made me feel at ease. Furthermore, the my child really likes the tutor that you assigned to him. I’ll definitely look for you again if I require another tutor for other subjects.
Mrs Quah, From Clementi
Dear Aishah & the Awesome Team, Thank you for introducing me 3 great tutors for my daughter. The tutors :
1. Ms. Joy Tan – English Creative Writing tutor,
2. Ms. Qixin – Chinese Creative Writing tutor,
3. Ms. Chang – Maths tutor (just started today)
My girl likes the 3 of them and enjoys the lessons with them.
Mrs Linda
As a parent, I feel that tuition nowadays has become more of a necessity and not really optional anymore. I would like to thank Awesome Home Tuition for helping me to find a reliable for a daughter who is taking her PSLE this year! I’ve seen the gradual improvement in her results and she is delighted about it too. She has personally informed me that she wants to stick with this tutor when she goes to Secondary school and I couldn’t be more happier for her too!
Mrs Michelle Soh, Strathmore Avenue registered Primary School Tuition for her daughter
My daughter wasn’t fluent in the language before we decided to hire a tutor. Within just 2 months, things changed a lot. Both her speech as well as her written work are so much better now. Even we couldn’t believe it. Thanks for the wonderful reference!
Mr Khairul, From Bedok
My son doesn’t really have the opportunity to speak Tamil in school because most of his friends are of other races. Therefore, we were quite concern about him not having enough practice. We do speak Tamil at home sometimes, but we felt that engaging a tutor would have been a better option. We signed up Tamil tuition for my son. Thankfully we did and my son is coping well with the language.
Mr Raju Gopal, from Bukit Panjang
My daughter had difficulties with Econs since she entered JC. The first test that she took, she didn’t even managed a pass. I felt that a tutor would be necessary. So glad that I made the choice! She got a pass in her latest test. Although it may not be the highest, I’m sure she’ll be able to continue improving. I would just like to say ‘Thank you’ to the school for all the help!
Mrs Andrea Lim, from Simei
Both my wife and I have never taken POA before, that’s the reason why we approached your agency. The coordinators were extremely friendly and helpful. They managed to make arrangements within 2 days and we managed to start the lessons the very next week. Thanks for the efficiency guys!
Mr Patrick Low, from Yishun
To All Awesome Team, especially Raymond, many thanks! I got my child a tutor from them. May you’ll continue to assist parents like me in selecting home tutors for our children. The tutor I now have hired is a dedicated person. She talks to my child giving the assurance that she is there to help him. She listens to my child’s problems and I am thankful to her too because she has guided my son’s learning. I am very happy and my son is happy too.
Mr Ridhwan, from Bukit Batok, the Jade : Let Everyone Be Happy After Hiring A Tutor From Awesome Home Tuition!
I could not imagine tutoring a child is that difficult? I have just experience this when my niece came to stay with me. There are many subjects from English, Chinese, Math, Sciences and more. How could I tackle all these? For the past months, I have tried and now I could not do it anymore. I have already missed having my dates. Fortunately, my officemate helped me find a tutor for the child and now I can go on dinner date again. Not so often though but at least I can now enjoy being free at times. Thanks to Awesome Home Tuition and to coordinator Ida.
Ms Lee, hired home tutor for her niece
I am the guardian of a 7-year-old girl who is presently enrolled here in Singapore in the primary grade. My problem though is that I cannot help this child because I am also working and every time I come home, I am already exhausted to tutor her. I am thankful that I have taken a full time tutor for her now. I am happy with the child’s performance in school at present and her mother feels the same way. Thanks again Awesome Home Tuition!
Mdm Lee, Costa Del Sol
Scoring well for Chemistry has never been a problem for me in Secondary school. However, I heard many of my friends said that isn’t as easy in JC. I wanted to make sure that I was able to maintain my grades, so I seek help from a tutor. Awesome Home Tuition did a splendid coordination on their part to assign a tutor for me. With the help of the tutor, I have been able to maintain my results so far. I would sincerely like to thank you for the help!
Mr Darren Liew , from Serangoon
I would like to thank your agency for putting in the effort to source for my son’s Biology tutor. He is happy with the tutor so far and we have also noticed the improvements in his results.
Mrs Charmaine Sim, from Queenstown
To Awesome Home Tuition and Ms Serene thanks for helping Michael with his Chinese lessons. I would not have managed doing it for I can understand only a few Chinese words. Also, I can’t even read Chinese writing. But Mr. Jhu knows how to make learning Chinese easier for my child and somehow he is not having low grades now. I even overheard him talking in Chinese to the girl next door. Again thank you so much. I am very grateful!
Grace Smith, from Kembangan
Be Free From the Pressure of Tutoring 3Kids Get Tutors from Awesome Home Tuition!
I would like to thank Awesome Home Tuition for giving me the right tutors for my children. It’s not easy to have three kids to tutor every day. Though they are still in their primary grades, I feel, I am always exhausted helping them with their assignments. The difficult thing is each one wants to be the first to get my attention. I could not expect them to understand that I cannot divide myself. This usually resulted in one child crying, or the other getting angry and worst is they quarrel a lot. Luckily, I was able to get the tutors from Awesome Home Tuition. Now each one of them has his own tutor and I will just watch them and assist if they need something. I am at last free from the pressure!
Ms Jasmine, from Yio Chu Kang