Although Economics isn’t a compulsory subject to take in Junior College, there are still many who do take it mainly because of their personal interest in it. The good thing about taking the subject in JC is that students are given the choice of taking it at either H1 or H2 level. Hence, depending on their strengths and capability, they will opt for either level. However, since they already have an interest in the subject, why not help them to excel in it?

Economics can be an extremely tricky subject as it involves a mixture of theories and calculations. In order to score well in the subject, one must be able to have a good understanding of the concepts. This is something that many students face difficulty in as it is a completely new subject unlike Mathematics or Science, which were already introduced during Primary school. Hence, there are many students who lose interest in the subject and fail to lift up to their potential. This is really a waste as it could have been countered with home tuition.

Firstly, as Economics is rather new in the eyes of students, they may find it challenging to keep up. Furthermore, there are essential concepts that they have to understand from the very beginning. If they fail to do so, the road ahead will be a steep one. Although school teachers do play their part in teaching the class, it is never an easy task taking on a whole new subject. With the aid of a home tutor, you will be able to clarify any doubts or questions that are left unanswered.

Secondly, some students only have problems and uncertainties with specific topics. By taking up home tuition, you will be able to inform the tutor of your strengths and weaknesses. The tutor will then be able to tailor the class to your personal needs. In other words, the tutor will be able to focus and improve on areas where you are weak in, but not neglect on your strengths too.

Thirdly, private home tuition gives students the luxury of selecting their preferred day and time for the lessons. Let’s not forget that the lessons are conducted at the comfort of their home. This means that everything will be to their convenience. They will also be saving money and time for transportation.

Picking up a new subject is never easy. Therefore, you should seek assistance if you realise that you’re unable to keep up. Do not procrastinate till it’s too late to catch up. Give Awesome Home Tuition the opportunity to make improvements to your grades.

My daughter had difficulties with Econs since she entered JC. The first test that she took, she didn’t even managed a pass. I felt that a tutor would be necessary. So glad that I made the choice! She got a pass in her latest test. Although it may not be the highest, I’m sure she’ll be able to continue improving. I would just like to say ‘Thank you’ to the school for all the help!

– Mrs Andrea Lim from Simei