How much does private tutoring cost? This is one of the most typical questions asked when it comes to home tutoring. Tuition rate is depend on the home tutor qualification and experience. Below tuition rates serve as a guide for parents/students. Actually tuition fee might be lower or higher .

Qualification Lower Primary Upper Primary Secondary Junior College
A Level/Diploma $$25/hr $$25/hr $25 – $35/hr $35 – $40/hr
Undergraduate $25 – $30/hr $30 – $35/hr $35 – $50/hr $40 – $50/hr
Degree Holder/Full Time $30 – $35/hr $$35 – $40/hr $45 – $55/hr $55 – $60/hr
MOE Trainee/Teacher $45 – $50/hr $50 – $60/hr $60- $80/hr $120 – $150/hr

Home Tuition Pays Off In the End

One of the biggest problems parents have with home tuition is the fact that it costs money. Many parents think that they already pay school dues, why would they have to pay extra for their kid to get home tutoring, isn’t school supposed to provide that to them?
The question they have to ask themselves though, is how much is their child’s future success worth to them. Home tuition can be the difference between their child passing high school – barely, and getting a Master’s degree in a prestigious college or university. Home tuition does cost money, yes; but that cost is completely offset by the success it provides children. What does it give a child for such a low cost?

  • Confidence: With home tuition, your child learns better and faster and that makes them more successful in school. This helps them build confidence, which then helps them succeed later in life. Studies show that the more confident a person is, the more successful they are.
  • High grades: Your child will get higher grades when they get home tuition. Higher grades mean there will be more colleges wanting to have your child enroll with them. This then helps them get a good degree and a good job later in life.
  •  High self-esteem: Like with confidence, the better your child does in school, the more self-esteem they will have and that will allow them to meet the challenges of the world head-on.
  • Greater success: Higher grades, more self-confidence and a focus on what they want to do in their life are something your child gets when they have home tuition. This is very important because with home tuition, your child can get extra focus on the subjects that matter to them and that allows them to prepare to learn more about that subject in college and university. They will already have a head-start on their university courses when they are still in grade school thanks to home tuition!

All things come at a price and home tuition is no different. You will have to pay to have your child do better because the time that the tutor puts into help your child succeed is worth money. The great thing is that the money you spend on your child getting tutoring when they are younger is completely offset by the earnings they bring in later in life. The difference between what someone who only has a high school diploma earns and what someone with a Master’s Degree earns is several hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is a big gap and you can bridge that gap for your child by spending a few hundred dollars to make sure your child has success in life and in school.

Never think of home tuition as an expense. It is an investment in the future, an investment in your child and the successful adult they are going to become. When you look at it this way, home tuition is not an expense, it is money in the bank for you and your child.